Craniofacial Patients

Dr. Cox is a member of the nationally known Tennessee Craniofacial Center. The Center is made up of a team of medical and dental professionals who evaluate the needs of the craniofacial patient as they relate to different aspects of the patient’s overall condition. As a member of the Team, Dr. Cox offers the dental aspect of teeth and jaw development related to the particular craniofacial condition. Dr. Cox works closely with Dr. Larry Sargent, plastic surgeon and director of the Craniofacial Center, in the treatment of cleft palate infants, Apert’s Syndrome and other craniofacial conditions.

In treating the cleft palate infant, Dr. Cox uses an orthopedic device which advances, rotates, expands and retracts the independent segments of the maxilla. The segments are separated by the cleft, whether unilaterally or bilaterally. The width of the cleft is lessened by using this device, preparing a more workable surgical closure for Dr. Sargent.

You may find more information about the Tennessee Craniofacial Center at www.craniofacialcenter.com.

"I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you all know how appreciative my family is to you all. My son was born with a cleft lip and palate and you all were the first people we saw at this scary time in our lives. You welcomed us with open arms and did everything possible to make us feel comfortable and welcome at our many visits to come. Dr. Cox, you sir are certainly blessed with your way with children. It certainly takes special people to do your job and I wanted to tell everyone of you what a great job you all are doing and have done." Thanks, LC

"Just had our 4th birthday party and just wanted to let you know just how grateful we are for you and your staff working with us and our daughter."  DG